Theo James and his adorkably awkward dance moves in another acoustic performance with his bandmate Will, Part 2

[Video: Shere Khan - Straight Up {acoustic)]

Part 1: featuring Theo performing “Skin” (acoustic) here: [x]

Theo James dancing awkwardly while sounding amazing in an acoustic performance with his Shere Khan bandmate Will, Part 1

[Video: Shere Khan - Skin {acoustic)]

Part 2: featuring Theo performing “Straight Up” (acoustic) here: [x]

Golf! Harry + back

LIAM: I’m the next Doctor!
No, I am! You don’t even watch Doctor Who!
I already have a bowler hat like Matt Smith, ha!
Too late, lads! I’m already inside the TARDIS! Hahahaha!
Bow ties are cool.

- TAKE ME HOME, WHO DIRECTION: In which the One Direction lads take over the TARDIS

Miley Cyrus for Elle Magazine, May 2013

Chris Pine being ridiculously good-looking at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards


"You need a sexorcism!" - Tamara, awkward.

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Tom Hiddleston and Chris Evans being adorable in front of Rebel Wilson’s Koala Cam at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Andrew and Emma staying warm and being cute while hiding from the paparazzi

Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and Mary Jane Watson (Karen Gillan) in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 [x]